Sheep Milk Calcium Chews - Vanilla

For a delicious source of calcium made with quality ingredients you can trust. Perfect for families, these tablets combine milk from grass-fed sheep with probiotics and a touch of natural vanilla flavour. Just 3 tablets contain the same amount of calcium as a glass (200ml) of milk.


Made in New Zealand with New Zealand sheep milk

  • Convenient source of calcium which supports healthy bones & teeth.

  • Each serve (3 tablets) contains: 244mg Calcium & 300 Million CFUs of Probiotic Cultures

  • No artificial flavours or colours – just the way nature intended

  • Delicious taste that kids love – and great for children who won’t drink milk

  • Made with milk from our flock of grass-fed healthy sheep

Nutrition Info

Avg Quantity per ServingAvg Quantity Per 100 g
Energy65 kJ1520 kJ
Protein0.4 g9.0 g
Carbohydrates2.5 g59.1 g
Vitamin C23.2 mg540 mg
Fat0.4 g9.8 g
Calcium244 mg5710 mg


Milk Solids (42%) (Whole Sheep Milk Powder (43%), Lactose, Sheep and/or Goat Whey Protein Concentrate), Glucose, Calcium Carbonate, Maltodextrin, Rice Flour, Vegetable Oils, Natural Flavour, Ascorbic Acid, Bifidobacterium lactis (0.1%).

Contains Milk.

“At Spring Sheep we are committed to bringing the incredible taste and health benefits of New Zealand grass-fed sheep milk to the world. We do this because we truly believe that our sheep milk is special and needs to be shared! Our whole team is driven by the thought that every time we have a success, it means we’ve put a product onto the market that is not only better for our consumers’ health it’s better for our environment.”
Scottie Chapman, Spring Sheep Executive Director & Founder
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“I take my responsibility for crafting high-quality products for families very seriously. It's important to me that our sheep milk products are both delicious and highly nutritious. There is no compromise. Every single ingredient is carefully considered and investigated and only those that add genuine, proven nutritional value are used.”
Natalie Macbeth, Spring Sheep Product Development
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“It’s about doing what is right and creating a better future for our kids. We need to ensure we are taking care of our land, our animals, our teams and ultimately our consumers.”
Andrea Wilkins, Spring Sheep Chief Marketing Officer
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“I love to see happy sheep. The girls (sheep) hop and skip around the shed, and after milking they often come for a bit of a pet. I’m in my element when I am outdoors and around animals.”
Felicity Cameron, Spring Sheep Farm Manager
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