Nutraingredients-Asia Awards 2020: Finalists announced for region’s premier nutrition awards

NutraIngredients: July 29, 2020
We’re delighted to announce that our Malaysian Gentle Sheep Toddler Formula has been selected as a finalist in the Nutraingredients Asia Awards, for Infant & Child Nutrition Initiative of the year.
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Spring in its step: New Zealand sheep milk firm reveals APAC expansion plans for infant and toddler formula

NutraIngredients: May 14, 2020
New Zealand's Spring Sheep Milk Co will launch its Gentle Sheep Premium Toddler Formula (stage 3) into more APAC markets this year, following its initial debut in Malaysia
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New study says sheep's milk easier for us to digest than cow's milk December 20, 2019
A new study says sheep's milk is easier for humans to digest than cow's milk.
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Spring Sheep to launch milk powder in supermarkets November 19, 2019
Kiwis could soon be pouring something different on their cereal with a homegrown sheep milk company poised to launch its product in supermarkets.
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Spring Sheep Toddler Formula first to market in Malaysia

Dairy Reporter: August 5, 2019
New Zealand's Spring Sheep Milk Co. has launched a sheep milk formula for toddlers in Malaysia - the first of its kind in this market.
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Sheep milking company seeks more suppliers to meet market demand

Waikato Times: 17 May 2019
Waikato's emerging sheep milk industry is gaining pace with one of its main operators seeking more suppliers for the 2020 season.
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Call for more farmers as global demand for sheep milk soars 16 May 2019
Sheep milk producers are putting the call out for more farmer suppliers, as international demand for New Zealand sheep milk continues to grow.
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Processing plant underway at Waikato Innovation Park to boost sheep milk exports

New Zealand Herald: 12 March 2019
Building of a new processing plant expected to deliver $129 million in sheep milk export products a year is under way in Hamilton.
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Sheep milk lays foundation for doubled growth with new plan

New Zealand Herald: November 5, 2018
Players in the burgeoning sheep milk business are investing $50 million in a new plant in Hamilton in preparation for an expected doubling of the industry within three years.
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Lotte Food Pasteur and Spring Sheep Milk Co. sign Korea MOU

DairyReporter: August 14, 2018
Korean food company Lotte Foods Co., Ltd. has announced it has signed an MOU with New Zealand sheep milk nutrition company, Spring Sheep Milk Co.
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Trial will test benefits of sheep milk

DairyReporter: July 25, 2018
In New Zealand, AgResearch is about to begin a clinical trial to test the benefits of sheep milk for human digestion.
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Benefits of sheep milk to be tested in ground-breaking trial

Scoop: June 27, 2018
In what is believed to be a world first, AgResearch is about to begin a clinical trial to test the benefits of sheep milk for human digestion.
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Milking it: from cows to sheep June 8, 2018
Thomas Macdonald discusses sheep milking and farming models.

Sheep milking a sweet spot for research graduate

Rural News: June 1, 2018
Spring Sheep Milk Company business manager Thomas Macdonald (24) says his 2014 Sir Don Llewellyn Scholarship enabled him to keep studying to get his masters degree at Waikato University.
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Rural Delivery

TVNZ: May 19, 2018
COO Nick Hammond and Business Manager Thomas Macdonald talk to Rural Delivery about Spring Sheep's work on farm.
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Export award finalists demonstrate sector vibrancy

Export & Trade: May 17, 2018
Spring Sheep Milk Co. are finalists in two categories at the ExportNZ Awards 2018.
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FHA2018 - Interview with New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner to Singapore

FHA2018: April 24, 2018
FHA 2018 interview with Hayley Horan, NZ Trade Commissioner in Singapore.
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A look at New Zealand's push into food technology

CNBC: April 23, 2018
Hayley Horan, New Zealand's trade commissioner to Singapore, discusses how her country is stepping up to meet the changing food demands of consumers.
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2018 Zanda McDonald Award winner announced March 21, 2018
Thomas Macdonald, 24 year old Business Manager of Waikato-based Spring Sheep Milk Company, and Sir Don Llewellyn scholar, has scooped the 2018 Zanda McDonald Award. The award, regarded as a prestigious badge of honour by the agribusiness industry, recognises agriculture's most innovative young professionals from Australia and New Zealand.
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Dairy sheep milking is coming of age in New Zealand February 13, 2018
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Company eyes up Waikato as potential hub for new sheep milking industry December 14, 2017
Dairy farmers may soon be switching from bovine to ovine with the Spring Sheep Milking Company eyeing up expansion into Waikato.
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Spring Sheep NZ: Bringing sheep milk to the masses December 9, 2017
Spring Sheep New Zealand, a joint venture between Landcorp & a boutique food marketing company, aims to produce & market the very best sheep milk in the world.
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Spring Sheep Milking outlines industry growth strategy December 4, 2017
Spring Sheep Milk Company wants to grow New Zealand's fledgling ovine milk industry into a multi million dollar high value business over the next decade.
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Sheep milk a viable alternative to cow's, study says

Newstalk ZB: November 5, 2017
A study just out of Lincoln University shows milking sheep rather than cows could preserve New Zealand's clean green image.

Spring Sheep milking expands with second Waikato farm October 19, 2017
A second sheep milking farm will be built by the Spring Sheep Milk Company on a block of leased land just out of Cambridge.
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New Zealand Food Awards 2017 winners announced

Australian Food News: October 17, 2017
The 2017 New Zealand Food Award winners have been announced with a sheep milk product taking out the most coveted award.
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What makes sheep milk truly unique and precious?

RadioLIVE: October 14, 2017
Spring Sheep Milk Co. Scottie Chapman talks to Radio Live about the goodness of sheep milk the company's award-winning products.

New Zealand Food Awards Unveils the ’Creme de le Crème’

Scoop: October 13, 2017
The winners of the 2017 New Zealand Food Awards, powered by Massey University, were unveiled this evening at a gala dinner among 380 guests at Sky City.
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Spring Sheep Milk Co, Epic Brewing and Proper Crisps clean up at 2017 New Zealand Food Awards

Idealog: October 13, 2017
Spring Sheep Milk Co. took out the highest honour of the Massey University Supreme Award for its vanilla-flavoured sheep milk powder, which also won them the NZTE Export Innovation Award.
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The story behind Spring Sheep Milk Co.

Radio LIVE: October 7, 2017
The Rural Exchange team are joined by Thomas Macdonald, Business Development Manager from Spring Sheep Milk Co.

Vietnam, New Zealand sign first-ever agreement on sheep milk distribution

tuoitrenews: July 28, 2017
Viet Ha Pharma Corporation has agreed to purchase dairy products from Spring Sheep Milk Co.
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Asia drives new dairy industry

The Country: July 20, 2017
Beyond the 6.5 million dairy cattle in New Zealand, sheep and goats are developing their own enthusiastic customer bases, particularly throughout Asia.
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Sheep's Milk goes down a treat at field days

Newshub: June 14, 2017
The hunt is on for farmers willing to broaden their horizons. Forget cattle farming, forget milking cows, milking sheep is set to be the next big thing. AgResearch has set up a stand at Fieldays to share with people, an industry that is set to boom in the near future.
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Public appetite for sheep milk to be taste tested at fielddays June 6, 2017
The public's reaction to food made from sheep milk will be gauged by Massey University students and staff at Fieldays. At their site in the main pavilion, the university will be offering sheep milk products and testing the public appetite for a range of containing the milk including muffins, risotto and desserts.
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Sheep milk has untapped functional food potential

Daily Reporter: February 21, 2017
Sheep milk has significant but neglected potential for use in functional foods, according to a new review, which highlights its suitability for use in probiotic and prebiotic applications.
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Sheep Milk PGP program kicks off

Food Navigator Asia: January 6, 2017
Building an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable industry to meet the growing demand for sheep milk products is the goal of a new sheep milk Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) program that has officially kicked off in New Zealand.
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Positive Signs in Farming

New Zealand Herald: October 7, 2016
As calving and lambing is in full swing there are positive signs on the horizon for farmers. After a tough few years there are good signs for the dairy industry, with Fonterra lifting its forecast payout to $5.25 a kg of milk solids plus dividend, taking it to well over the average break-even mark for most farmers - a great morale boost for hardworking farmers.
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Sheep Milk Industry set to grow through new partnership

Dairy Reporter: September 6, 2016
New Zealand's sheep milk industry has received a boost with a new Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) program between the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and Spring Sheep Milk Co.
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Govt Ponies up $12m for sheep milk

Radio New Zealand: August 26, 2016
Growing demand for sheep milk products has prompted the government to invest $12 million into a new partnership with a Taupō-based company.
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Government and Private Enterprise to spend $31.4m to develop sheep milk industry August 25, 2016
The Government has joined with private enterprise to inject $31.4 million into the growing sheep milk industry.
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Agribusiness: More than just the sheep's back

New Zealand Herald: July 16, 2015
Sheep milk products may become the Holy Grail as the agricultural industry continues to diversify...
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Agribusiness: Market-led the modern Landcorp buzzword

New Zealand Herald: July 16, 2015
Landcorp boss Steven Carden is taking a two-pronged approach to developing and building on New Zealand's largest corporate farmer.
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Big boom tipped for sheep milk

Rural News: June 19, 2015
Sheep milk has the potential to become a $200 million industry within 10 years, says Waikato Innovation Park chief executive Stuart Gordon.
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Landcorp to milk sheep for Asian markets June 11, 2015
Government owned farmer Landcorp is entering the sheep milking business with 3000 ewes at its Reporoa farm to provide branded milk powder and ice cream for mostly Asian markets.
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