Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

Our milk comes from dedicated and professionally-run farms in New Zealand's Central North Island where our high quality sheep milk is produced batch-fresh and crafted with care.

The region's clean air, high sunshine hours, and good rainfall means bountiful, pure fresh water and an abundance of grass.

Our lush pastures are naturally rich in red and white clover, a key ingredient in raising healthy milking sheep.

Our sheep milk starts with a delicate touch

For Spring Sheep Farm Manager Felicity Cameron the business of milking sheep is all about ‘happy, skipping and jumping sheep’. Spend some time with Felicity to get a view into life on a Spring Sheep New Zealand sheep dairy farm.

Our Sheep

We believe in a low-stress life for our animals. Our grass-fed sheep enjoy fresh New Zealand air, advanced nutrition, quality shelter, and the very best veterinary support. Our healthy, contented sheep are something we take great pride in.