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An exciting opportunity

An exciting opportunity

The New Zealand sheep milk farming model has never been more compelling; the recent introduction of imported specialized dairy sheep genetics has shifted the industry to be economically sustainable for commercially sized farming units. The lower environmental impact of sheep milking and the ability to use existing dairy cow infrastructure in the conversion makes the farming model an ideal opportunity for existing dairy farmers looking to convert.
Your benefits when you become a Spring Sheep supplier

Your benefits when you become a Spring Sheep supplier

• Access to established milking ewes with proven milk yields
• A blueprint to two proven Waikato farming models to suit your farm size and system
• Receive all the support you will need to establish, run and grow your business from our Spring Sheep family
• Industry-leading genetics, generating the best commercial milk yields
• A proven conversion pathway to show low environmental impact land usage change
• Multi-year guaranteed milk price

Life on the farm

What is being a Spring Sheep Farmer really like? Hear first-hand about the team experience from Farm Manager Felicity Cameron

Why join Spring Sheep’s Gentle Exchange?

When you meet our team you’ll feel and understand how our culture and vision is integrated into everything we do - from how we care for the environment, our animals and people, right the way through to the satisfied consumer of our high-value nutrition products. Find out more about the benefits of joining the Spring Sheep Gentle Exchange.

Farm Open Day - Record Attendance!

The 2019 Spring Sheep Farm Open Day provided New Zealanders with an indepth look into the sheep milking industry and the progress of the Sheep-Horizon Three Primary Growth Partnership programme, which is building an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable industry in New Zealand.

Attendees toured our farm and had the unique opportunity to see recently imported European sheep genetics in action and found out what it takes to run a productive sheep dairy farm.

Hungry for more information?

Hungry for more information?

Choosing to get into sheep milking is a big decision! There is no cookie-cutter for sheep milking – but we have some ideas. We have three different models to draw learnings from and apply to your goals and lifestyle. Contact the team to discuss the best options for you.
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